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Dana’s Story

We love to share the storys from others! Here is Dana’s story, take some time to read it, like it, and subscribe to our email list! Thanks!

“When I was 23 I was diagnosed with manic bipolar / depression . I always struggled to be happy in life but I felt like this was just part of everyone’s struggle. After being diagnosed I felt like every argument I had with someone , every opinion I had , I was now being treated like I was crazy . My opinion was no longer , my diagnosis started to be used against me . Everything was now because I was bipolar. This was beyond frustrating for me and created obstacles for me in many of my relationships. I was taking my medication processing my thoughts doing everything therapy and my doctor told me to but still the labels remained. This pushed me into a box , a very lonely box that in turn allowed me to get to know myself and to treat myself a lot better. Over time I realized and learned so many things about myself. I found so much value in myself . This was a long journey to learn to love myself but with help of doctors therapist and the loneliness I felt I found a way. I share my story in hopes that no one else ever has to go through the feelings I felt and maybe just by hearing there are people that have these same feelings will help them not feel so alone . I also share to say there is no shame in asking for help from your doctors and taking medication when needed .Sometimes the worst of situations push you to grow into the happiest version of yourself.”

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