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Selfvation is Back

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I want to start with an apology.

My name is Angel and I’m the founder of Selfvation. I want to start first by apologizing directly to all of our supporters. I want every one to understand that I personally run this small business and at times it can become challenging, Selfvation built a large and passionate following of supporters and I cannot be more grateful for all of your support. But I have failed you all by leaving the company on the back burner. This isn’t for no reason; As some of you know I struggle with my own mental health issues, I am diagnosed with a personality disorder, and bi polar 1, in the last year I’ve had to regretfully fall back on some of my most meaningful projects and even relationships, jobs, and passions due to needing to focus on my own mental health. I understand that this has been inconvenient to some especially our affiliates and sponsees, and I want to apologies to you from the bottom of my heart.

Mental health issues can be a complicated thing to deal with, but everyone must understand that your well being is the number one priority in life, Ive learned that in the past year. I thought I was sinking and loosing everything Ive built along with it, little did I know that I was growing and becoming stronger. Ive learned new coping techniques and ways to better myself, positive affirmations being one of the biggest tools I use.

I want to express to everyone that no matter what pressure your under, take some time to yourself. Check in with yourself and find out exactly where you are in your life, this is important because we all have our own struggles and problems, and we cannot move forward if we are not in the right mindset or if we aren’t healthy enough to deal with even the little stressors in life.

If you relate to this at all please reach out to me, and we can publish your story and how you push through your struggles, what tools you use, what projects are you working on? How can we as a community help to support you in any way?

You’ll be noticing some major changes with Selfvation. We are building bigger and better than ever, we are bringing together our communities of young and talented individuals with one common goal in mind, to end the stigma surrounding mental health. We are going to start more collaborations with artist, riders, skaters, and any form of creative expression. We are going to start planning events, competitions, sponsorships and affiliates. You’ll notice there is a link on our home page if you ever need professional help or your just not feeling yourself and need someone to talk to, or even if you want to learn more about mental health. We’ve updated products and you can even subscribe to donate $1.00 a month, that’s just $12.00 a year! We plan on raising more money and donating to help more people than ever we will publish our progress every time we have the wonderful opportunity to help someone.

Again I want to apologize to all of our supporters. And I hope you join us again on this awesome project and are active with Selfvation. Don’t forget to take some time to your self when you need it. YOU ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

-Angel (founder of Selfvation)

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