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My Conversation with Isaac Inay

Meet Isaac Inay

I was sitting there when I noticed I got a message in Selfvation’s instagram. Some had reached out to me, and I was so inspired and thankful that the message was spreading. I decided to do a small interview, here’s how it went.

Meet Isaac Inay

Isaac: “I was reading your story and it hit close to home. I was an 11B B4 light Infantry Sniper for 6 years, deployed to Ghazni province Afghanistan as a Sniper TL with 3/1 2-2 IBCT. I finished my second enlistment as a Sniper School instructor constantly recalling gained insight of being a Sniper in an active AO in order to train new Snipers. After I got out I felt that I devoted all of my time training and implementing skills that no longer made a difference in the real world. Simply put “No one needs a Sniper “ outside of war. I use to be a local sponsored skater before the Army but there was no time for that during training cycles and deployment. After seeking outlets and self medicating I sobered up and picked up a skateboard again. It is not only nostalgic, but a deep appreciation for the little things after war made me enjoy skating unconditionally. I skate for my mind now and skate with passion for an expression of what I do with true freedom. Appreciate your endeavors.”

Angel: “Wow man. That’s some good time served. I appreciate you letting me hear a little about your story. And I’m SO happy to hear your sober. I’ve gone about 20 months myself, how long have you been back on the board?

Issac: “I’ve been back on for 9 months.” “I’m happy to hear you’re sober too, definitely a challenge to deal with the clear mind but painful in the end to destroy it.”

Angel: “Definitely man. You should be proud of yourself, I know I am man. Being sober is NOT EASY. I constantly battle with the urge to self medicate. And welcome back man…I feel like the best part of becoming sober for me was my “common sense” coming back or maybe I just got it for the first time lol…what about you man have you noticed any positive changes with being sober that keeps you going?”

Issac: “I noticed that it has made me face some of the internal battles needing to be addressed instead of hidden. I now have a better understanding of who I am and it’s given me strength to navigate mental blocks and overcome what I now see was weaknesses in my thought processes. In a since I took the ghille suite off my mind and give my genuine self to my family with no shame of where I’ve been or how I was able compartmentalize all the things that came with the job of a Sniper, but more importantly the raw sight of how bad people can be.”

Angel: “Deep af man. I can’t wait for people to hear your well spoken words…do you have any advice for anyone looking for a healthier mindset you would like to share?”

Issac: Give yourself the opportunity to understand you. Purpose is self driven find your drive without influence of substance or people that try to catalog you into a box If you don’t depend on a supply or substance then your source of strength can never be taken and you never have to depend on a source when you are the strength. Then you can be rock solid for the people who love you.

Speaking to people like Issac gives me a lot of hope and motivation to not only build a strong community but better myself as a person. Hearing others words is so important to me because it offers a whole new perspective. It you have a story you would like to share just contact through the website or Selfvation’s Instagram or facebook page.

Thank you for the time you spend reading and supporting Selfvation.

-Angel (founder of Selfvation)

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