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Our opportunity to speak with River S.

Skater from Victorville, CA

Check out This awesome message River sent us on Instagram that he was wanted to share with you. He has sone words of advice for anyone going through a hard time at the end of the Post. We are lucky to be speaking to people in the community like River. So make sure you go check him out on instagram and give him a follow! @richhhomieriv

My name is River Segura I'm 25 going on 26 in October, I currently live in victorville Ca. I am fully vaccinated, I have been working with the Walmart warehouse for the last five years now. I see myself over accomplishing everything my mother knows I can to have the life she didnt have. I've been skating since I was 7 years of age growing I did stop for awhile because when I moved to victorville there wasnt really any sidewalks or concrete it was mostly dirt at the time once they finally started to add some concrete i started to get back into it when they first opened a skatepark by my house i started to go there and skate as much as I could. At the time i didnt have a car or didnt have money to always take a bus to the park so i had to skate for about an hour and forty minutes to get there then back home. I have gonna through some struggles in life like being bullied or being told that my skate style sucks. My best advice for some of the young up coming skaters is that ignore all your haters let them be your energy to succeed the more I was told to quit because I didnt fit there style the more it pushed me to overcome what they said. Eventually I got well known for doing one of my favorite tricks which is a willy grind everywhere I went to skate everyone would tell me to drop a willy grind combination. My point is do you dont change who you are cause others tell you to just do you and be yourself and eventually itll pay off like me you'll always have haters no matter what but dont listen to them let there words be your motivation to be better than them.

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