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Selfvation Comes to Greenville, SC

Selfvation mission statement: “ We contribute donations by raising money through products inspired by mental health. Bringing together communities of young, driven, and talented people in selected market segments is the key to our success. “

Selfvation relies on strong communities and driven individuals on our team to grow the name and relationships with communities we are in. Moving to South Carolina was a major change for the brand but nothing can stop us from becoming successful and impacting the lives of the people around us.

Selfvation has been part of the car scene in South Carolina since December of 2021, and has been accepted with open arms, and has even built a team from the car community and utilizes everyone’s best personal skills and hobbies to help build the brand!

Selfvation has its first car meet coming up at the request of TikTok! So many people wanted to meet up with us we decided to make this flyer and plaster it all over the internet around the city!

We cant wait to meet all you out there! You can find the team most likely at the pop up tent with the Selfvation table!

Make sure you follow our facebook page to see all the latest updates: Selfvation on facebook

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