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Singer/Songwriter Cristobal speaks with Selfvation

“Juan Cristobal Flores Castillo, known by his stage name Cristobal, is an American Latin trap and reggaeton singer from Tucson, Arizona. Cristobal has a music degree from the University of Arizona and has been member of professional choral ensembles as well as operatic productions & vocal competitions throughout his music career. He has incorporated influences of various other genres into his music, including classical music, rock, rap, and soul”.

“Selfvation moves with the intent to build intimate connections with young, talented and driven individuals in their community, in any form of art”-Selfvation

”As a musician that has struggled with mental health, fashion has always been a medium to express my state of mind as well as utilizing it as a subconscious reliever. Selfvation is an organization that I identify with, and has provided me with the ideal fit, giving me quality clothing that inspires me to create when in the studio.” -Cristobal

Cristobal’s latest single can be found on all major music platforms and can be contacted directly at and is always open for collaborations on any artistic level.

Spotify link : ”Es Una Nena” -Cristobal’s latest single

youtube: Cristobal

Instagram: @wearejuan

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