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Some words from Wiley E.

Bmx Rider

Mental health is becoming more and more important in a lot of peoples lives. Hobbies are important to have because it gives you something to focus on besides the struggles and pain you may be going through. Here are some words from Wiley a Bmx rider, he uses BMX to occupy his time and keep him active! Check out his instagram @papiwilyyy

My name is Wiley. Some might say I am a bike riding machine 😆. Although im not anything Crazy I like to think of myself as pretty good. Lately I feel life has been good. Not doing bad in school yet now I’ve had a lot of family problems but many are being resolved. Along with all of that I think I am pretty mentally stable. I don’t struggle with too many mental issues besides some pretty bad anxiety. im pretty sure I dont have depression but I am sad a decent amount of the time if that makes sense. When I am sad I like to do things that I enjoy. Bmx would be one of those things. Doing that gets my mind off of things for the moment and is relaxing. Also I like to listen to music or maybe take a nap. For people that are struggling with mental problems or just other problems in general, just know things will get better. Do things you enjoy. Hangout with people who make you happy. Don’t care too much about what other people think about you. Ask for help or someone to talk to” - Wiley E

If you or someone you know wants to share a story with us or some words of encouragement please contact Selfvation and we can set something up. Don’t forget to check Wiley out and give him a follow. We cant thank him enough for being willing to be a part of our blog project! Keep killin it Wiley!

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